National Infertility Week: Resolve to Know the Myths and Facts of Infertility

April 20th- 26th is National Infertility Awareness Week. RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, urges all women this year to resolve to know more about infertility. Unfortunately, infertility is more common than you might think: one in every eight couples trying to conceive will … Read More

Your Wet Wipe Could be Causing That Skin Rash

If you or your child has a skin rash that you just can’t shake, it might be caused by your wet wipes. Dermatologists, like Ohio State University’s Dr. Matthew Zirwas, are seeing more and more rashes on people’s hands, faces, and unmentionable parts. These rashes often share a common culprit: a … Read More

Keeping Your Weight Healthy During and After Pregnancy

In the March edition of Redbook Magazine, there's an article that all expecting moms should read. It's about pregobesity: a term coined by the magazine’s writer to define a growing number of women who gain more weight during pregnancy than they’re able to loose before becoming pregnant again, … Read More

Predicting Alzheimer’s Now Possible

The first test to predict an individual’s likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease has been created. New Scientist reports a blood test that can spot concentrations of 10 chemicals typically linked with the disease. And the test proved 96% accurate in diagnosing whether a person would in the … Read More

Alcohol While Pregnant – Is A Small Amount Safe?

You are out for the evening with all your girlfriends.  You are the only one pregnant and everyone else is relaxing and having several glasses of wine.  You say to yourself, “I wonder if it is ok to have just one drink?” Many women throughout the years have asked themselves this same question.  How … Read More

Pregnancy across the Globe: Nepalese Women Work Hard, Have High Infant Mortality

Most expecting and new mothers in the US have heard the stories of women across the globe who work in the fields until they have their baby, and then go right back to work. If you’ve heard this kind of story, it’s probably come from an older woman who might think you’re taking your pregnancy or … Read More

New Sugar Intake Guidelines Announced

Sugar, no matter what name it goes by…fructose, sucrose, dextrose…Americans of all ages love it. In fact, the average American consumes roughly 22 tablespoons of sugar every single day. Sodas and other sugary drinks are too much a part of our diets, and they are responsible for a lot of our sugar … Read More

New Recommendations Aimed at Preventing First Time Cesareans

In Florida today, 37% of all women give birth to their baby by way of cesarean.  Many first time moms find themselves having a C-section because of a failure to progress during labor or because of concerns over abnormal fetal heart rate. Other women prefer a C-section because of its convenience and … Read More

Can Baby ‘Sleep Machines’ Damage Hearing?

Baby sleep machines sound ideal: they are touted to help infants fall asleep and to stay asleep by comforting them with soothing sounds. Turn them on and they play calming white noise or the echoes of a babbling brook or maybe the familiar sound of a heartbeat. But a new study shows they can be … Read More

Breastfeeding Backlash – 3 Common Controversies

Even with research showing that breastfeeding is better for babies, there are instances of breastfeeding controversies—especially in the U.S. These controversies range from ‘inappropriate’ breastfeeding, breastfeeding in public and milk sharing. ‘Inappropriate’ Breastfeeding Inappropriate, by … Read More