What Does Smoking do to a Woman’s Body?

No longer is smoking glamorized as it once was years ago in the movies – where beautiful actresses like Betty Davis lit up on the big screen.  Smoking’s general appeal has mostly changed because now everyone is aware of how detrimental smoking is to your health. OB/GYN doctors have been saying it … Read More

Sun Safety: Protect Yourself from Melanoma

Summer is upon us which means it’s a great to remind women of all ages about the importance of sun safety.  The women’s wellness physicians and OB/GYNs at All About Women in Gainesville are committed to helping you take care of yourself in every way, including your skin. Skin cancer is the most … Read More

All About Women Congratulates North Central Florida High School Robotics Team

The physicians and staff at Gainesville’s All About Women health practice would like to congratulate the robotics team from P.K Yonge Developmental Research School, a North Central Florida high school, on their recent victory in Orlando’s FIRST Regional Robotics Championship. The team of bright … Read More

Dealing with Pregnancy’s Swollen Feet and Ankles

While pregnancy is a joyous time as you await the arrival of your new baby, it can also be filled with some unpleasant effects on your body. One annoyance for many women, especially in humid North Florida, is swelling. Also known as “edema,” swelling of the feet, ankles, fingers and even face is a … Read More

Your Joints May Be More Susceptible To Injury During Menstruation

All women are familiar with the physical effects that come along with their monthly menstrual cycle. The headaches can hit hard and fast, and the bloating can make your jeans a little tighter than normal. Oh, and don’t forget about those ever-faithful cramps… As if that’s not enough, joint pain … Read More

Have You Been Screened for STDs?

In case you didn't know, April is STD awareness month. While you may think that STDs don't apply to you, when it comes to your sexual health the old adage "better safe than sorry" applies, especially for women. Every year in the United States there are an estimated 20 million new cases of STDs, … Read More

Common Causes of Female Infertility

If you've been trying to become pregnant for over a year without success (or six months if you're over the age of 35), then it's time to start a conversation with your gynecologist about infertility. While it can feel scary and isolating, infertility is actually quite common; about 10% of couples … Read More

Maintaining Your Mental Health through Menopause

Menopause can be an incredibly difficult time for so many women.  Your mental health is important at any age, but during menopause you may experience severe feelings of depression or mood swings that you may never have dealt with before. Besides some of the obvious physical changes that can … Read More

Is a Midwife Right for You?

A midwife is an occupation that has been around since the days of the Egyptian pharaohs.  However, despite its long history, the role of a midwife is often been misunderstood. What exactly do midwives do and is using one right for you?  Let’s answer these questions and more once and for … Read More

Frequent Hot Flashes Can Last 7 Years or More, Researchers Find

A recent study by researchers at Wake Forest University confirms what postmenopausal women have already known for decades: that hot flashes can last for years.  Despite women reporting up to 10 years of hot flashes, leading medical institutes – including the North American Menopause Society – assert … Read More