Gifts Of Health This Holiday Season

If you're stuck this holiday season on what to give, don't forget gifts that don't cost money, but that can be more valuable than gold: gifts of health. Here's a gift of health for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Gift To Your Mother: Family Fitness If you live near your mother, start … Read More

10 Tips to Help Relieve Dreaded Monthly Cramps

If you’re like me, the time for your monthly friend to come visit seems to roll around a little too quickly!  For some women, your period is a breeze and for others, the cramping can be so intense that it is tough to deal with. What causes all this cramping anyway?  Our bodies produce a natural … Read More

November is National Diabetes Month

Did you know that 29 million Americans have diabetes and another 86 million have pre-diabetes? That's a third of all Americans! A majority of these diabetes cases are type-2 diabetes, which is a form of the disease that can be prevented or at least delayed. Even if you don't think that you're at … Read More

Does Bed Rest Help Or Hurt?

For decades, doctors have placed some pregnant women on bed rest in hopes of preventing an early delivery. But recently some OB/GYNs and leading medical organizations have come out against this routine practice, citing its ineffectiveness in preventing preterm delivery and its dangers to mothers.  … Read More

Can Healthy Lifestyle Pre-Pregnancy Prevent Gestational Diabetes?

There aren't many pregnant women who enjoy the dreaded glucose test, which checks for gestational diabetes at about five months into pregnancy. Besides being an unpleasant test to undergo, women often feel anxiety that they might have to deal with gestational diabetes for the rest of their … Read More

7 Common Post Pregnancy Problems

Congrats to you!  You have survived the months of your pregnancy and delivered your beautiful bundle of joy.  As wonderful as it is, becoming a new mom can be incredibly overwhelming both emotionally and physically.  There is no doubt that after you have delivered your baby either vaginally or by … Read More

Stress and Alzheimer’s – Is There a Link?

We all have felt overwhelmed with stress at different points in our lives.  Some people have dealt with more severe stress than others and each person handles it differently.  A 40 year long study was recently concluded and determined there to be links between women who experienced severe stress and … Read More

All About Women Welcomes Dr. Ashima Singla!

The team at Gainesville's All About Women is excited to introduce you to our "new addition," Dr. Ashima Singla, who joined our practice in August. Dr. Singla, a member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, brings a great deal of talent to All About Women. Her diverse set of … Read More

Flu Season is Almost Here: Pregnant Women Need Protection

It's almost October here in northern Florida and that means that if you're pregnant, you should be getting your flu shot, stat. That's because October marks the official beginning of the 2014-2015 flu season. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists  (ACOG) recommends that all … Read More

Could Morning Sickness Mean a Healthier Baby?

If you have ever experienced morning sickness as a pregnant woman, it can be completely miserable.  However, a recent study has shown that morning sickness can mean healthier babies with fewer birth defects and higher IQ’s. This is not to say that if you do not have morning sickness, that your baby … Read More