Women May Soon Have Access to Libido Boosting Drug

Although Viagra has for years now made headlines as being the cure to suppressed male sexual performance, there hasn't been anything quite like it available for women. That may soon change though as the FDA Advisory committee voted 16-1 to recommend the drug flibanserin to the FDA. Although the … Read More

Cardiovascular Disease: Symptoms and Risk Factors for Women

The term cardiovascular disease (CVD) is often used interchangeably with the term heart disease. It refers to any disease that affects your heart or blood vessels.  There are many different forms of CVD and some can be prevented through lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy diet and … Read More

Does Eating Baby’s Placenta Really Have Benefits?

You may have heard of a strange but growing trend – consuming your baby's placenta after birth. Touted by some celebrities, midwives and doulas, eating placenta – either raw, cooked or dried and encapsulated – has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Women rave about rapid recovery … Read More

What to Expect From a Hysterectomy

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hysterectomies are the second most common surgical procedure among women. If you’ve heard of the term “hysterectomy” from medical articles, doctors or even your friends, it can sound intimidating. You might not know what the surgery … Read More

New Study Reveals Breastfeeding May Help Lower Cancer Recurrence

A recent study published on April 28th of this year in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has concluded that women with cancer who breast-fed their babies were less likely to get a recurring case of cancer or die from the disease than women who did not breastfeed. Marilyn Kwan, research … Read More

Possible Risks of Caffeine Consumption During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably been searching the “do and do not” lists of pregnancy. You may have run across advice to limit your caffeine intake, which for coffee addicts or cola fans seems like a daunting task. While there is no official consensus on the satisfactory amount of caffeine … Read More

Is Tracking Your Period Important? Yes!

If your doctor asked you when you had your last period, would you be able to name the exact day your menstrual cycle started or would you have to track your brain for a good guess? In the busy days and weeks of life, tracking your period from month-to-month is easily forgotten, but it is very … Read More

What Does Smoking do to a Woman’s Body?

No longer is smoking glamorized as it once was years ago in the movies – where beautiful actresses like Betty Davis lit up on the big screen.  Smoking’s general appeal has mostly changed because now everyone is aware of how detrimental smoking is to your health. OB/GYN doctors have been saying it … Read More

Sun Safety: Protect Yourself from Melanoma

Summer is upon us which means it’s a great to remind women of all ages about the importance of sun safety.  The women’s wellness physicians and OB/GYNs at All About Women in Gainesville are committed to helping you take care of yourself in every way, including your skin. Skin cancer is the most … Read More

All About Women Congratulates North Central Florida High School Robotics Team

The physicians and staff at Gainesville’s All About Women health practice would like to congratulate the robotics team from P.K Yonge Developmental Research School, a North Central Florida high school, on their recent victory in Orlando’s FIRST Regional Robotics Championship. The team of bright … Read More